Career Counselling & Guidance
What is Career?

Profession or occupation with opportunities for advancement or promotion and not just for earning a livelihood.
Choosing a right career would gives us more fulfillment & enrichment.

Why is Career Guidance Necessary?
  • Follow the crowd.
  • Get easily influenced by others.
  • Accept the parent’s verdict by force.
  • Get tempted by current trends.
  • Influenced by media.
  • Select a career in dejection based on marks or courses available..
  • Are totally away from realities.
  • Lack of Counseling facilities.
  • Unaware of job opportunities available after pursuing certain vocations.
  • Check & probe various options available in the stream he/she has inclination.
Brief on Career Guidance

Intelligent Human beings are habituated to do some retrospection at some point of life. When we critically look back and ponder over the career decisions we have taken many of us feel we could have taken a different recourse, or chosen an entirely different career path as to what was actually chosen at that critical point of time.

Most of us choose careers without analysing or without probing in-depth about
  • Our Interests
  • Our Passions
At the most important juncture of our life we get carried away by what others are doing around us or
  • (At times) careers are decided based on availability of admissions in specific vocations.
  • Peer pressure and parental pressures.
  • Resources available to pursue specific vocations

By the time students reach higher secondary they are reasonably aware of their interests, they are aware of subjects or streams they are better or good at, but mainly due to surrounding environments and study pressures to secure better and higher percentage their minds are burdened. At that specific point suddenly they feel a lack of clarity, lack of confidence to choose the right vocation.

Various tests designed so far do show students inclination to specific streams / vocations but further probing and guidance is desirable and necessary to choose the right vocation .Also essential and desirable is to widely and elaborately check various options available to students in the broad streams selected.

There is no such thing as a Perfect Career Guidance but it’s a serious attempt to probe and discuss with the student various options available to him in the stream he has inclination in. This makes him have a more broader overview of the vocation, at the same time makes an attempt to make him more confident and passionate about the career track he chooses.

Career guidance enables and facilitates the student in selecting and identifying the right and appropriate vocational or career stream of his choice and lay foundation to establish and accomplish future goals in one’s life.

Apart from having exhaustive knowledge of various streams a Career guide also has to ensure appropriate guidance based on important points below.
  • Socio-economic background of the candidate.
  • Resources available with student’s parents, to pursue certain vocations.
  • Students overall personality & academia background.
  • Student’s capability & inclination to pursue higher education after graduation/post graduation. ( of years student has inclination to study further).
Career guidance need to break off all traditional paths if student has to start becoming an earning member of the family in a short & specific span of time. In such cases career guidance has to totally revolve & focus on job oriented vocational courses.