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Career counseling
Why Career Counsellor in demand

Systematic career counselling seeks to have a positive influence on the choice of career and thus the future personal and professional life of youth and young adults. Comprehensive information on vocational training, the responsibilities, requirements and prospects associated with various professions, as well as information on employers, ways of accessing and funding vocational training, and developments and trends in the training and labour market help young people to choose their future career path. Identifying people's individual interests, skills, competencies and talents is central to making a reliable choice of career.

  • Careesense organised Interactive Career Guidance workshop on 8th June personality SwapnaNadgauda – Psychologists, Remedial Counsellor & Hypnotherapist. She discussed about importance of Aptitude Test & its structure in detail. It was followed by Q & A session. Some students threw light on carer like BMS, Learning Foreign Languages etc.
  • In Sanmitra School lecture was given on ‘ Career in Foreign Languages’ by the teachers of Careersense.
  • Same kind of lecture was arranged by the Chairman of Radium Apartment in Goregaon.
  • On 18th January 2015 Careersense organised Brief Talk on Career guidance in Medha society, Sankalp NNP.